20 Nail Designs That You'll Want to Repeat

Our favorite nail designs, tips and inspiration for women of every age! You'll definitely find something interesting for your next visit to the beauty salon

1. Lime nail design. Cool idea for summer!

2. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse nails! So cute!

3. Gradient nails for summer

4. Watermelon nails - yummy!

5. Kiwi nails tutorial

6. Colorful nails design for summer

7. Vine glass nail design! Isn't it perfect?

8. Geometric violet and yellow nails design

9. Beautiful yellow glitter nails

10. Original pink nails design

11. Botanical nails. White and green - perfect combination

12. Awesome red and white nails design

13. Perfect nude nails design

14. Flamingo nails design is so awesome!

15. Cute and stylish cactus nail design

16. Flawless black, white and red colors mix in the nail design

17. Nail design for those who love wine

18. Ice-cream and cat nails. What can be better?

19. What can be more cute than these nails?!

20. lamingo nails design

Jul 22, 2018

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