15 Boho Wedding Dresses. Boho Is Always a Good Choice for Summer

“Boho is the epitome of fashion escapism, offering women clothes they wouldn’t necessarily wear to the office and instantly evoking a mood of summer and travel.” — Lisa Aiken, retail fashion director of Net-a-Porter “My feeling is that bohemian is more than a trend. It is actually a style and lifestyle that reflect an eclectic aesthetic—one that takes inspiration from travel and different cultures.” — Kim Hersov, co-founder alongside Shon Randhawa of Talitha. Can you imagine something more beautiful, virgin and romantic than boho wedding dress? Our answer is NO! Just look at these perfections!

1. Boho wedding gown with luxurious French lace

2. Boho wedding dress and white hat! Gorgeous combination!

3. This boho dress is just stunning!

4. Emanuela wedding dress - sophisticated and effortlessly sexy

5. Gorgeous boho dress Glowing Geranium

6. Elegant boho wedding dress! Yes, it's possible!

7. Beautiful dress for rustic wedding

8. Romantic boho wedding off shoulder dress

9. Gorgeous boho wedding dress

10. Romantic boho wedding dress

11. Boho wedding dress with beautiful lace on the back

12. Cam you imagine more beautiful boho dress?

13. Gorgeous lace boho wedding dress

14. Cute boho bridal dress

15. Wedding gown of your dream for boho wedding

Jul 19, 2018

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