13 Black and White Outfits That aren't Boring at All

Black and white outlook is always trendy and handy! In fact, it’s hard to look bad in black and white. However, you might be getting a little tired of always pairing your white blazer with the same black jeans, and are on the hunt for new ideas.

1. Black and white street style

2. White long sleeveless blazer completed the look

3. With Saint Laurent military jacket you cannot look boring

4. Interesting black and white look

5. Don't forget about black and white prints

6. Black and white can be sexy

7. Wearing a shirt / blouse under the dress is totally in demand this season

8. Is it also black and white outfit? Yes!

9. White trouser pants with black top = perfect work chic outfit

10. These ruffle sleeves!

11. So simple and so attractive look!

12. Black and white travel look

13. Black and white can be stylish and seductive

Jul 20, 2018

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