17 Awesome Geometric Nail Art Designs You Will Fall in Love with

Geometric nail art is having a moment, so we've rounded up a selection of minimalistic, negative space and loud and proud designs to inspire your next choice...

1. Colorful geometric nails art

2. Black and red geometric nails art

3. Minimalist geometric nails design

4. Minimalist beige geometric nails art

5. Complex geometric nail art

6. Bright summer geometric nails

7. Beautiful and simple geometric nails design

8. Perfect red geometric manicure

9. Black negative space geometric nail art

10. Shimmering geometric nails design

11. Geometric lined nails

12. Splendid geometric nail art

13. Nails art with geometric elements

14. Negative space nail art

15. Gorgeous geometric design with glitters

16. Black and red geometric matte nails

17. Light pink minimalist geometric nails

Aug 26, 2018

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