30 Amazing Matte Nail Designs You’ll Want to Copy

Matte polish is always trendy, but in different colors and designs. Today you need to mix colors, add glitters or geometry art, the variety of combinations is unlimited!

1. Red geometric nails with black lines

2. Floral matte nail design with colorful bird

3. Black matte nails with glitters

4. Amazing blue and pink gradient matte nails

5. Matte geometric nail design

6. Perfect half matte original nail design

7. Blue geometric matte nail design

8. Nude and black minimalistic matte nails

9. Rainbow matte nails

10. Gorgeous matte crystal nails

11. Black geometric matte nails

12. Gradient line matte nail art

13. Amazing and unique matte red nail design

14. Beautiful black and yellow geometric nails

15. Matte blue rhinestones nail design

16. Unique matte geometric nail design

17. Awesome orange and gray matte nails

18. Star matte nail design

19. Perfect ombre matte nail design

20. Amazing black and grey minimalist nails

21. Matte geometric nail art

22. Everyday matte nails design

23. Gorgeous matte marsala nails

24. Black and silver with matte background

25. Perfect black matte nails design

26. Tiny red heart on matte nails

27. Matte colorful geometric nails design

28. Pink matte nails with tiny black stars

29. Stylish matte pink nails design

30. Beautiful matte nails with heart art

Sep 6, 2018

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