20 Amazing Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs

Celebrate Christmas all month long with these perfect holiday nail designs

1. Easy and festive Christmas tree nail art

2. Tiny Christmas deer nail art

3. Christmas cookie, tree and snowflake nail art

4. Minimalistic Christmas nail art with snowflakes

5. Glittery golden Christmas nails

6. Green and red Christmas nails design

7. Amazing and bright blue teddy bear nails

8. Perfect white winter nails

9. Gorgeous golden Christmas nails

10. "Ho ho ho is coming" Christmas nails

11. String light Christmas nail art

12. Classic nails with Christmas art

13. Outstanding Christmas nail design with silver glittering

14. Cute little pig New year 2019 nails

15. Cute winter Christmas nail design

16. Christmas nail from fairytale

17. Flawless Christmas nail design

18. Snowflakes Christmas nails

19. Funny dog art for Christmas nail design

20. Christmas wreath nail art design

Dec 2, 2018

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